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Minecraft Dungeons will receive cross-platform multiplayer next week

Minecraft Dungeons will receive cross-platform multiplayer next week

Although Minecraft Dungeons offers to the players an experience that has absolutely nothing to do with the usual type of gameplay that you would encounter playing Minecraft, it still has managed to secure quite a decent player base for itself since it was released. Instead of focusing on building a world and doing whatever you want to do in it, Minecraft Dungeons is an action role-playing game that will let you pick a character and explore procedurally generated dungeons, and battle enemies for loot and fun. The game, of course, features pixelated graphics and a style similar to the original Minecraft and it's become a hit among its fans. 

Minecraft Dungeons has also received already a few DLC that have expanded the content available in the game with new zones, monsters, and treasures, but there are also a few more on the way. In fact, the Howling Peaks DLC is slated for next month, and it will add a new mountainous area, goats that can shove you off cliffs and a new boss, the tempest golem, as well as some other novelties.



But if for some reason you are having any trouble finding people to play in Minecraft Dungeons, developer Mojang is about to launch a new cross-platform feature that will let players have fun together no matter if they are playing on PC, Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. It will be added on November 17th and it will come accompanied by a new "Apocalypse Plus" mode with new difficulty levels and several new enchantments and items for you to use in your adventures.

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