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Minecraft Dungeons will get crossplay and new DLCs

Minecraft Dungeons will get crossplay and new DLCs

Even though Minecraft Dungeons is not your usual Minecraft game, it still has managed to gather the attention of a lot of players with its ARPG mechanics and fun gameplay. The game doesn't allow you to build or create anything but this dungeon crawler offers you a fantastic world to explore and plenty of enemies to beat, puzzles, and cooperative gameplay for up to four players. Precisely, developers are planning to expand the possibilities on the multiplayer features of Minecraft Dungeons and they have announced that the game will support cross-platform gameplay on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One starting in November.



Being able to share the fun inMinecraft Dungeons with your friends no matter what platform they are using to play the game is important for a multiplayer game and it will make things easier for many players, but that's not the only surprise that the creators of the game had in store for us. After the release of the two initial DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, Jungle Awakens, and Creeping Winter, a third expansion is already on the way. Howling Peaks will expand the content in the game in December with a new mountainous area in which they will be able to discover the power of the wind. Of course, the DLC will include new threats and treasures to discover.



Finally, the developers of Minecraft Dungeons have also announced that there is even more content in the way that will arrive through 2021 in the form of other DLCs. 

If you haven't tried Minecraft Dungeons yet, the Hero Edition of the game includes Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLCs. Nothing has been announced about the upcoming DLCs so we can assume that you will have to purchase them separately, although some kind of Expansion Pass may appear in the future. As usual, to find the best prices to buy the game you just have to visit our comparator.

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