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Mods are coming to Age of Empires 4 this spring

Mods are coming to Age of Empires 4 this spring

Relic Entertainment will not waste the opportunity to capitalize on the huge popularity of the Age of Empires series. The highly-anticipated release of Age of Empires 4 was followed by the announcement of a roadmap spanning several seasons full of additional content for the game. The beginning of the first season will arrive in spring 2022, and the developer has revealed a bit more information about what we can expect to find when the next major update for Age of Empires 4 is released.

The most relevant novelty coming to the game during season one is a Content Editor that will allow players to create, modify, and share mods for Age of Empires 4. The editor will begin as a beta, and it may suffer modifications later, but the level of customization that it will bring to the table will be game-changing for many players. The update will also kick off the first ranked season, which will bring real competition to the game. Although you can already test your strategy and skill in 1v1 matches in Age of Empires 4, the addition of seasonal leaderboards will liven up the challenge. 



If you are already thinking about the best civilization to reach the top of the ranking, keep in mind that the spring Update will include some balance changes. They aim to neutralize the advantages that some factions have now, including the Holy Roman Empire, the Abbasid Dynasty, and the Chinese.

Relic Entertainment wants to keepAge of Empires 4 fresh and exciting will all those changes. More are in preparation for the following season, which should start later this year. If you have been an Age of Empires fan for a long time or want to discover one of the most popular RTS franchises worldwide, you can get your Age of Empires 4 PC code cheap on our comparator anytime.

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