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Microsoft unveils Age of Empires IV roadmap for 2022

Microsoft unveils Age of Empires IV roadmap for 2022

The huge expectation that preceded the launch of Age of Empires IV was something expected. After all, most of the fans of real-time strategy games started in the genre with games like Age of Empires and Warcraft. Both series followed completely different paths, and Blizzard does not seem interested in the RTS genre anymore. Still, Microsoft has finally continued the series with Age of Empires IV, and fans love it. The game offers the exciting gameplay that made the series so popular, accompanied by new features, like naval battles, all with modern graphics that delight the fans. But there is more in the future of Age of Empires IV, and Microsoft has announced what's to come for the game by revealing the roadmap for 2022.



Winter 2021 and beyond

Microsoft is focused on implementing balance changes to several aspects of the game to makeAge of Empires IV gameplay even better based on community feedback. Also, the placement of several buttons from the user interface will be repositioned for better visibility, like the Chinese Dynasty button, which is moved to the lower left-hand corner. It will also be possible to view the map once a match is finished, and the mini-map will receive several improvements. 

Age of Empires IV players will be able to enjoy some gameplay novelties in spring 2022, with the addition of tools that will allow players to create and share their own content, including maps and gameplay modes. Also, a Seasonal Ranked system will be implemented, bringing the competition in the game to a new level.

Later in 2022, the developers are looking into more gameplay improvements related to hotkeys, the AI difficulty, waypoint indicators, the Unit Stats panel, and several other features.

The future looks good for Age of Empires IV, and there is no reason why the series couldn't be active for another 25 years if the developers continue to deliver such quality content. Age of Empires IV is currently the best choice for veterans and newcomers to the real-time strategy genre, and you can find it at the best price on our comparator.

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