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Age of Empires 4 multiplayer has been revealed

Age of Empires 4 multiplayer has been revealed

The return of one of the most popular real-time strategy franchises is getting close. The upcoming launch of Age of Empires IV is highly anticipated by players worldwide, who want to get immersed in the thrilling battles that made the series a favorite of the fans. Even though plenty of RTS games have been released since the first Age of Empires became available, the games in the series have always had a unique flavor. Their mix of history and strategic gameplay has captivated players since the beginning, but the launch of Age of Empires III in 2005 has left the fans waiting for more for too long. 

Age of Empires IV comes to put an end to that wait with new graphics and gameplay features that will refresh the franchise. The technical stress test that has taken place recently has been enough to raise the hype about the game, and a new video published by Microsoft lets us delve into the game even deeper with a full multiplayer match. 



Age of Empires IV will feature four different campaigns based on the life of a historical figure that will span over 35 missions. Beyond that, the main focus of the game will be multiplayer battles. Players will be able to choose from different historical empires, including English, Mongols, Chinese, Delhi Sultanate, Abbasid Dynasty, French, Holy Roman Empire, and Rus. Each of them features different units and buildings, and you will have to master their use in real-time battles and take advantage of their strong points in order to surpass your opponents.

Age of Empires IV release date

The release ofAge of Empires IV is scheduled for October 28, 2021. It will be available on PC, and you can compare prices to buy Age of Empires IV cheap on our website already.

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