Age of Empires IV closed beta begins tomorrow

Age of Empires IV closed beta begins tomorrow

When it was first announced at Gamescom 2017, Age of Empires IV generated a lot of expectation, managing to catch the attention of the fans of the series, who had been waiting for it for a long while. It must be said that, although it was generally appreciated by players, the last installment in the series released to date, Age of Empires III, was judged to be too different from the first two games in the series, and disappointed some fans.

This time, Relic intends to make sure that Age of Empires IV does not meet the same kind of reception. A lot of information has been revealed about the game in the last few months, including some of the different civilizations that will be available to the players. There will be eight in total, including the Mongols, the English, the Chinese, the Delhi Sultanate, and another two that were revealed at the E3, the French and the Abbasids. There are still two new civilizations to be discovered and we should hear about them ahead of the release date, which was also revealed at the E3: Age of Empires IV will launch on October 28. 


While we wait to discover the last two factions of the game, a couple of new videos give us an overview of the Abbasid civilization and the functioning of the naval battles. 

In parallel, players registered in the Age Insiders program will be able to participate in the Age of Empires IV closed beta from tomorrow, if they have been lucky enough to be selected, of course. Don't bother signing up for the closed beta as you read this article, invitation process ended yesterday, so if you haven't received one, you're out of luck this time. No other beta phase, closed or open, has been announced yet, but it's not impossible that Relic may organize another testing phase ahead of the release.

In any case, Age of Empires IV will be released on October 28 on PC via Microsoft, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass.


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