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Age of Empires IV has a great launch on Steam

Age of Empires IV has a great launch on Steam

All the indicators anticipated that Age of Empires IV was going to be a success. The return of one of the most long-lived and iconic series in the Real-Time Strategy genre was eagerly awaited by a lot of fans. The proof is that it's been one of the games most played on Steam last weekend following its launch. Age of Empires IV had almost 70,000 concurrent players on Steam, leaving far behind Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, which only reached a peak of almost 40,000 players in its best moment. Those numbers put the game among the top 20 most played games on Valve's platform and are accompanied by a very good number of copies sold. They confirm that the series continues to be a favorite of the fans.



What's the secret behind Age of Empires IV success?

It's quite clear that the huge popularity of the series has had an impact on the good numbers at launch. The combination between historical civilizations and their armies with competitive gameplay that makes every game quite an exciting experience has also drawn the attention of many players. Age of Empires has managed to maintain that same feeling through the years, despite many other RTS games appearing, and the players have been loyal, knowing that the formula works for them. In fact, Age of Empires IV doesn't change too many things in terms of gameplay, even though it has better graphics, modernizes some aspects of the interface and control of the units, and introduces naval battles, among other novelties. Those features are enough to make it quite appealing to the fans, who rushed to purchase the game and were ready for the release.

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