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Marvel’s Midnight Suns gets new release date and animated shorts

Marvel’s Midnight Suns gets new release date and animated shorts

With D23, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has received not just a new trailer but a new release date: December 2, 2022. Assuming this release date holds, we will see Firaxis’ superhero RPG in time for Christmas.

First off, check out the “Live Among Legends” trailer now.


The sun’s coming up

The new release date is a welcome development considering that, just a month ago, the game was announced as delayed again without a definite release date—other than that it would be before the end of the fiscal year. Fingers crossed then that this new December release date will be the final one. 

It’s not all good news, of course. The aforementioned date only applies to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S; Switch owners and last-gen users will have to wait for a different release window.

Animation distraction

To tide us over until December arrives, Marvel is releasing animation shorts that will introduce the game’s main cast. Included are Avengers mainstays such as Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-man, Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel, but also to be introduced are the original Midnight Sons Ghost Rider, Blade, and Dr. Strange, plus mystically-powered heroes Nico Minoru and Magik. 


Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a strategy game that will be familiar to players of XCOM and similar turn-based tactical games. However, it incorporates three elements that change things up: firstly, a customizable player avatar called the Hunter. Second, a card system that allows you to select what actions your character will take on the field. Third, a dialogue-based social element where you can build up a relationship with your fellow superheroes by doing missions or other activities together.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns arrives on December 2. You can get a Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC code from our comparator ahead of the holiday rush.

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