Marvel’s Midnight Suns delayed to 2023

Marvel’s Midnight Suns delayed to 2023

Bad news for fans of Marvel superheroes and XCOM: the launch of Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been delayed again to—well, we can’t be sure at this point. Per 2K Games' announcement, it will be released sometime towards the end of their fiscal year: March 2023. 



No sun in sight

Marvel’s Midnight Suns had previously been announced for release back in March 2022 before getting pushed back to October this year after some fan criticism about sketchy graphics. Sadly, now we have to be patient until possibly March next year to see how well Firaxis’ card system and turn-based tactics match with superheroes in spandex. 

Worse, this new date applies only to PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch users are in for an even longer wait!

A marvelous roster

Fans have been excited for Midnight Suns for nearly a year because it’s more than just an XCOM tactics game—you build relationships with Marvel characters through your customizable main character, the Hunter. You could train with them, go on side-quests, play games, hang out—everything but date them, apparently. 

We’ve showcased characters such as Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Spider-man, Captain America, and Blade. But we’ll also see major villains like Sabretooth, Venom, and demonic versions of the Hulk and Scarlet Witch involved.

Meanwhile, your character is the forsaken child of the main villain, Lilith, Mother of Demons. According to the first 15 minutes of the game, you are the only one who can finally put Lilith down for good. 

It’s a bit of a wait till March 2023, but you can pre-purchase a Marvel’s Midnight Suns PS5 key from our comparator. To tide you over, you can play similar games such as, of course, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, or the similarly designed Phoenix Point.

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