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Marvel's Midnight Suns reveals a unique Captain America

Marvel's Midnight Suns reveals a unique Captain America

If you are a fan of all things Marvel and you have been following us, you already know that one of the most anticipated releases of this year is Marvel's Midnight Suns. This unique combination of card-based mechanics with XCOM 2-style gameplay will focus on the supernatural and brings back Lilith, the mother of all demons, as an antagonist that threatens our world. As the Hunter, we will have to thwart her plans and mercilessly destroy hordes of demonic minions that she will send to stop us. Of course, we will be accompanied by other iconic heroes from the Marvel universe. The latest video of Marvel's Midnight Suns brings no other than Captain America into the spotlight and shows a unique version of the hero.

The Sun as a weapon

Captain America's signature moves take a new shape in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Like all the other heroes in the game, not only does he have a completely new look, but he also makes use kind of light-based energy. Most likely, this will be used to damage demons, and it would bring the story in the game a bit closer to a very popular Marvel's comic series: Midnight Sons, which features heroes like Ghost Rider, Hellstrom, Morbius, and more. The series depicted a darker side of Marvel's universe and focused on supernatural encounters, demons, and dangers from beyond our plane of existence. The series undoubtedly inspire the video game, and it should bring a lot of surprises for the fans.



The release of Marvel's Midnight Suns is scheduled for October 7. Until then, we still have time to learn more things about the title and maybe have a good look at its gameplay. Adding the randomness of a card-based system with deck-building elements to a turn-based combat system similar to the one in the XCOM series could definitely be a bomb, but Firaxis Games is yet to give us a good look at it. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

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