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Marvel's Midnight suns could be released soon

Marvel's Midnight suns could be released soon

When Marvel's Midnight Suns was announced, nobody was expecting a new turn-based video game with a superheroes theme. Many of Marvel Comics' series have been adapted to video games in recent years as a result of the huge popularity of the films inspired by them. In most cases, these are action video games, but Firaxis Games is taking a completely different approach to the gameplay. Marvel's Midnight Suns promises to deliver a tactical RPG experience similar to XCOM 2, allowing you to control a team of superheroes as they fight enemies on turn-based combats. Therefore, the game is highly anticipated by many players, who are eager to know when they will be able to get their hands on it.



Publisher 2K doesn't seem to be quite ready to advance a release date yet, but there are other ways of finding information. It turns out that Marvel's Midnight Suns has been rated in South Korea, as spotted by a Reddit user, and that could directly point to an upcoming release. The launch of the game was originally scheduled for the "second half of 2020", so we should be able to play it this summer. 

But Marvel's Midnight Suns is more than just XCOM 2 with superheroes. The game features a dynamic system where you build relationships between the Hunter and other iconic heroes from the Marvel universe. The combat system makes use of cards to control the different actions of each character. Their actions in combat generate "Heroism" points that you can use to unleash even more powerful abilities, adding another layer of tactical complexity to Marvel's Midnight Suns. You can watch its gameplay in the video below.



The game will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you want to play it from day one, feel free to find the best price to buy Marvel's Midnight Suns cheap on all platforms with our comparator.

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