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Tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns Announced

Tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns Announced

Prepare to step into the dark side of the Marvel Universe with Marvel's Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG that premiered in Gamescom 2021's Opening Night Live. Announced by 2k Games and Firaxis, the game features a host of iconic Marvel superheroes and a new character made especially for the game.



Unlike previous Marvel games Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel's AvengersMidnight Suns is touted to be a turn-based tactical RPG, perhaps in the same vein as XCOM and XCOM 2. What's different is the introduction of a new character, the Hunter, who will be the player's fully customizable avatar. Players will be able to choose from 40 different superpowers ranging from light to dark side.

Opposing the Hunter is their own mother—Lilith, the Mother of Demons and the game's chief antagonist. She commands her children, the Lilin, to conquer the Earth and free her master, the dark god Chthon.  

Some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe will join the Hunter in their war against the demonic underworld. Magically inclined superheroes like Dr. Strange and Nico Minoru of The Runaways will be present, as well as Ghostrider (Robbie Reyes) and the half-vampire Blade. From the Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel will be joining the fray. The X-Men are also represented by Magik and fan-favorite Wolverine. 



Marvel's Midnight Suns is slated for release in March 2022. 

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