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Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay is quite different than we expected

Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay is quite different than we expected

We have recently been witness to a lot of announcements and reveals. The Gamescom 2021 has served to set things in motion after a somewhat slow summer, and we are now eager to receive more information about plenty of games. Many expectations have been created around Marvel's Mindnight Suns since it was announced, more specifically regarding its gameplay. Developer Firaxis Games is well known for its work in the XCOM series, which features turn-based combats. An excellent example of that is XCOM 2, which delivers a complete tactical experience that combines squad management with strategic gameplay. Many players wondered what kind of approach the developer would take at Marvel's universe, and we finally have the answer. A new Marvel's Midnight Suns video shows its gameplay mechanics, and they are quite unexpected.

Even though we knew that Marvel's Midnight Suns would feature tactical turn-based combat, nobody anticipated that it would be card-based. The game will feature 12 different heroes at launch, each of them with a set of unique abilities represented by cards. You will be able to field three heroes, and they will receive several of those skills/cards at the beginning of their adventure. As you progress through the game, you can gain more abilities and evolve the ones you already have to make them more powerful. Of course, all this implies a huge number of possible combinations and tactical choices, a great level of replayability, and the need to adapt your gameplay to each situation depending on the available resources. 

But there is more than combat in Marvel's Midnight Suns, and you will also be able to visit the Abbey between fights. This location will serve as a hub where you can engage in a series of experiences that will deepen the bonds with your heroes.


Firaxis has definitely surprised us with Marvel's Midnight Suns. The gameplay promises to be quite exciting and varied, and that is something that Marvel's fans will love when the game is released on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC next March.

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