Lords of the Fallen sells 1 million copies under a rain of patches

Lords of the Fallen sells 1 million copies under a rain of patches

The new Lords of the Fallen is on the way to becoming the most hated and loved game of 2023. Hexworks and CI Games have released a game that generated high expectations among the fans of the Dark Souls series. After the huge success of Lies of P, which was released barely one month before, there were some doubts about its sales, but Lords of the Fallen has managed to surpass 1 million copies sold much faster than expected. It only has taken the game 10 days to reach that number and it's definitely surprising because of the critics received.

Recovering from a bad start

Lords of the Fallen launched on October 13 and players have experienced a wide range of problems including save glitches, balance issues, and poor performance on PC and consoles. Those have not been enough to stop a huge community from enjoying the game the best they could, and one of the reasons for this is that the developer took hands in these matters quite fast. Hexworks has released a lot of hotfixes and patches for Lords of the Fallen during the last week which have greatly reduced the number of issues found by the players.



Alongside those fixes, the game has also received a series of improvements and balance changes in the latest update which is available already. The addition of the New Game Plus mode offers players a new challenge once they complete their first playthrough. Also, some adjustments in monster density and some stability fixes contribute to the game providing a much better gameplay experience to the fans.

Hexworks' efforts have not gone unnoticed and the sales of Lords of the Fallen have kept growing steadily. Despite the unavoidable comparisons with Lies of P on that matter, Lords of the Fallen wins the battle by a fair margin. It has sold the same amount of copies 3 times faster. If you are wondering what's behind its success, you better use our comparator to check out the best deals in Lords of the Fallen CD keys and be ready to immerse in a dark and epic adventure that will take you across two parallel worlds.

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