Lords of the Fallen will not be an easy game

Lords of the Fallen will not be an easy game

Despite the recent proliferation of Souls-like games, the upcoming new take on CI Games' classic from 2014 is not going to divert from the original path. Lords of the Fallen promises a challenging adventure set in two overlapping worlds, with an emphasis on the difficulty. If anyone thought that Hexworks would opt for an easier version of the game to be appealing to a wider player base they may have to reconsider it because Lords of the Fallen will not have an easy mode.

Two worlds, double the difficulty

In Lords of the Fallen, dealing with the events in Axiom will be hard enough for you as a Dark Crusader but when you die, and you will do it quite often, you will find yourself trapped in Umbral until you can find a way to return to the world of the living. The monsters and threats you will find in the world of the dead are far more challenging, therefore, your second chance at continuing your adventure will require you to be even more careful.

You may even have to visit Umbral on your own accord as many puzzles in the game can only be solved by using a special lantern that allows you to temporarily peek beyond the veil. What seems to be an impassable cliff in one world could be a narrow bridge in the other. The question is, are you brave and skilled enough to face the monsters that await you in the other world?



The high difficulty of Souls-like game is one of their main selling points. Dying over and over in the course of a few hours while fighting a specific boss in Elden Ring can be frustrating to the point of wanting to abandon, but there is nothing better than the feeling of achievement when you finally manage to defeat your opponent. Likewise, Lords of the Fallen will treat you with the same level of challenge. you could think that the game would be easier in cooperative mode if you enlist the help of a friend, but you need to remember that it could be even more challenging due to PvP mechanics. Be prepared for an invasion anytime as skilled opponents can be more dangerous than any monster.

Lords of the Fallen will soon be available. The release of the game is scheduled for October 13 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. You can find the best deals on Lords of the Fallen CD keys with our comparator if you want to immerse in this epic adventure from day one.

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