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Lords of the Fallen has a release date

Lords of the Fallen has a release date

The reboot of the iconic action RPG from DECK13 and CI Games will finally arrive this fall after a long wait. The fans of the game from 2014 will see in the new Lords of the Fallen a great opportunity to join the Dark Crusaders in their fight against the demon god Adyr. The upcoming title is not a remastered version of the classic and its story is set a thousand years after the events in the first game. In this epic adventure, the malevolent demon god is about to resurrect and the Dark Crusaders will have to go beyond the boundaries of this world to stop it from happening. 

Lords of the Fallen will have you traversing between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead as you fight against challenging opponents in exciting combats. Like its predecessor, the new Lords of the Fallen features a combat system that reminisces the Dark Souls series. It's unforgiving, hard, and brutal, and it requires you to master your abilities if you want to come up victorious. 



As a Dark Crusader, you wield an artifact that allows you to cross between both worlds at will. This ability will prove to be invaluable to solve puzzles and discover secrets, but it can cost you dearly because as soon as you step into the realm of the dead you will be the target of nightmarish monsters. You better get used to it fast because every time you die in the world of the living, you will rise in the world of the dead. 

Coming this fall

With amazing graphics created with the Unreal 5 engine, nine classes to choose from, and the possibility of inviting another player to your campaign in multiplayer online mode, the new Lords of the Fallen will become a favorite of the genre's fans. The release of the game is scheduled for October 13 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can already pre-order your Lords of the Fallen CD key cheap with our comparator.

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