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The Lords of the Fallen Story trailer pits you against a god

The Lords of the Fallen Story trailer pits you against a god

The original Lords of the Fallen was accused of being too similar to Dark Souls by the fans of FromSoftware's series back in the day but the truth is that both games were significantly different in many aspects. The most relevant one is the story and the lore of the world where it's set, which is rather vague in Dark Souls and better defined in Lords of the Fallen. The new version of the iconic action-adventure game will follow the same pattern as its predecessor and features a solid storyline, although it gives you plenty of freedom about how to develop your character.

Dare to challenge a god

Developer Hexworks has released a new Lords of the Fallen trailer that immerses you in its story. In the footage, the dark god Adyr tries to convince you to join his side of the conflict instead of fighting against all odds as a Dark Crusader to prevent him from dominating the world once more. Impressive graphics, multiple weapons to choose from in order to become the hero you want to be, and the duality of two interconnected worlds to explore in an adventure that transcends death are what Lords of the Fallen offers you.



The new Lords of the Fallen is an adventure that has many similarities to Dark Souls, but at the same time, it delivers an experience that is different. It's definitely worthy of a spot in the video game library of any fan of the genre by its own merits, just like its predecessor was in 2014, but this time with far better graphics, a few twists, and improved mechanics.

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