Horizon Forbidden West will bring new challenges

Horizon Forbidden West will bring new challenges

Everyone is ready for the release of Horizon Forbidden West this month. Sony has been revealing details about the upcoming adventure game during the last few months. Players now have a very good idea of what's waiting for them in the unexplored lands of the West.Horizon Forbidden West will expand the world of Horizon Zero Dawn with new territories, gameplay mechanics, creatures, factions, and more. We have already talked about everything you need to know about the game. But there are plenty of details to be discovered yet, and we can learn a bit more about them in a new video that focuses on the different challenges that Aloy will have to face during her new adventure.

Challenges of the Forbidden West



The video reveals that Aloy will engage in different activities as she visits new settlements. Each of the factions has a distinct culture, and she will increase her chances of succeeding by learning everything she can from them. They can provide new sets of gear and weapons that will be quite useful in her endeavors. Also, Aloy will be able to train in different arenas and even challenge gigantic robotic beats. The world of Horizon Forbidden West is full of new places to discover and experiences to live, and exploring it will be the most incredible adventure ever. Of course, Regala's followers will pose a considerable threat, but Aloy manages to forge alliances with other tribes she may find herself in a better position to deal with them.

As you can see in the video, the Forbidden West is full of life, and the game represents it with excellent graphics. It has all the elements needed to become a worthy successor of Horizon Zero Dawn. The only question left to answer is if it will launch on PC anytime in the future because it's exclusive to PlayStation consoles right now. Until Sony decides to open the game to other platforms, you can find the best prices to buy your Horizon Forbidden West code on our comparator.

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