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Horizon Forbidden West factions revealed

Horizon Forbidden West factions revealed

One of the most anticipated releases of the year on PlayStation consoles will occur next month, and Guerrilla Games has revealed new information about the upcoming game. Horizon Forbidden West developer already revealed details about the new robotic animals that Aloy will encounter in the game and how the faction system will work. The latest video showcases some of the different tribes that the brave protagonist of the game will meet during her new adventure beyond the frontiers of the world known to her.

Some of these tribes will be familiar to the players that have accompanied Aloy during her journey in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Oseram and the Carja have settlements along the border, and they guard it against intruders, but there are other clans in the western lands. In the Plainsong fields, the Utaru rely on their chanting to stop the red plague that consumes their land, and the fierce Tenakth trust their combat prowess to fend off any threats. They may not harm Aloy, but the savage horde under the command of Regala is a threat to every other clan in Horizon Forbidden West. Also, there is another powerful tribe that is yet to be discovered. 



The interaction between all these factions and Aloy will be at the core of the storyline in Horizon Forbidden West, along with the all-consuming Red Blight that is covering the world with red tendrils and suffocating all life. Aloy will see herself immersed in an epic adventure to save the world once more, but the new game will feature unique gameplay mechanics, new lands to explore, and plenty of exciting novelties.

Horizon Forbidden West is coming on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Sony has not confirmed if it will be available on PC in the future like Horizon Zero Dawn. Feel free to visit our comparator to buy your Horizon Forbidden West code at the best price anytime.

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