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Horizon Forbidden West shows its unique fauna

Horizon Forbidden West shows its unique fauna

The scenario where the story of a game takes place is as important as the plot and the characters. No matter how thrilling and original the new chapter of Aloy's adventures can be, Horizon Forbidden West wouldn't be as exciting if it wasn't for the impressive graphics depicting the game's world. The downfall of the ancient civilization that dominated the world gave way to the rise of machines as the main species. In this case, they take animal form, and they contribute to creating the perfect scenario for an epic storyline. Of course, the interactio between these machines and the humans is one of the pillars for Horizon Forbidden West, but most players already got used to it in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sony has published a new video titled "Machines of the West" that focuses on the robotic animals that populate the world of Horizon Forbidden West. The video reveals impressive landscapes where the three new types of machines in the sequel are brought to life with great detail. Some of them will become a huge threat to Aloy's life, and some others may become valuable assets for her if she manages to tame them, but she won't be the only one capable of using them. As usual, she will have to deal with other threats that can be as fearsome as the machines, if not more, as the unexplored lands of the West hide many surprises.



The launch of Horizon Forbidden West was scheduled for this year, but after a postponement, it will arrive on February 18, 2022, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Sony has not confirmed if the game will be available on PC at some point. You can visit our comparator to find the best price to buy Horizon Forbidden West cheap anytime.

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