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Hogwarts Legacy continues to top the charts on its launch day

Hogwarts Legacy continues to top the charts on its launch day

Hogwarts Legacy is already on the way to become one of the most important releases of 2023 thanks to its huge popularity. We already told you that it was the most wished game on Steam by a wide margin. As soon as players were able to access it, social media got full of gameplay videos and the game received full coverage. Now that the 72 hours early access phase has ended and the final version of the game has finally launched, we will see much more of that in the coming days.

Hogwarts Legacy is achieving even more impressive numbers across all the charts. According to SteamDB, the new adventure set in the Wizarding World already has a peak concurrent player count on Steam of 489,139, a number that will probably go through the roof this weekend. The game is already breaking records and capitalizing on the huge popularity of J.K. Rowling's novels despite the boycott campaign called against the game from some sectors for controversial tweets she posted about the transgender community. 



But Hogwarts Legacy does not need controversy to impress players with its exciting gameplay and a whole new view of the Wizarding World. The game is not totally free of problems as some technical issues and minor bugs have been reported during the past few days, but it's likely getting a day one patch that should fix most of them. In any case, those won't be detrimental to Hogwarts Legacy's success.

Hogwarts Legacy was a best-seller on all platforms weeks ahead of its release, and already shows numbers that would make many multiplayer titles look pale in comparison. If you are willing to immerse yourself in this new adventure but don't want to pay the full price, you can check out the best deals on Hogwarts Legacy digital code with our comparator and travel to the Wizarding World.

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