Hogwarts Legacy has a spectacular launch trailer

Hogwarts Legacy has a spectacular launch trailer

It was clear that many fans of Harry Potter were going to pay a visit to the brand new take on the Wizarding World coming with Hogwarts Legacy. Nobody expected, though, that it was going to become one of the most anticipated games of 2023. The game, which started as an adventure that was mainly targeted at fans of the franchise, caught the eye of many RPG players as soon as the developer started showing footage and its features. Amazing graphics, a lot of action, a massive open world to explore, and an impressive range of activities to complete, give shape to an exciting role-playing adventure in a fantasy world that looks like a thrilling experience no matter if you are a fan of J. K. Rowling work or not. 

Hogwarts Legacy is the most wished-for game on Steam, and it will soon arrive on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Developer Avalanche Software is ready for the upcoming release. It has revealed a spectacular launch trailer that serves as an introduction for Hogwarts Legacy.



A brand new story

Hogwarts Legacy is an epic adventure that lets you take a look at the world already known by many through a different lens. Since the game is set in the Wizarding World long before the events in the Harry Potter books, the developers had the opportunity to create a branching storyline without many restrictions. You don't necessarily need to be a hero in Hogwarts Legacy; you have total freedom to choose your own path as a student in the academy. Of course, you will have to deal with the consequences derived from your acts.

If you are eager to immerse yourself in this world of magic and sorcery, the game will launch on February 10. You can use our comparator to get your Hogwarts Legacy steam key at the best price anytime.

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