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Hogwarts Legacy's official cinematic trailer is out

Hogwarts Legacy's official cinematic trailer is out

Following the leak of the official Hogwarts Legacy artbook, developer Avalanche Software has opted to tackle the situation with the reveal of a spectacular official cinematic trailer of the game in 4K. The trailer shows one of the famous owls in charge of delivering the mail to the students in the magic academy as he traverses different scenarios. The footage looks stunning and reveals some of the iconic places from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The swift bird of prey has to avoid several dangers and escape from perilous situations before reaching its final destination.



Hogwarts Legacy will arrive next month on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It has become one of the most anticipated games of 2023 despite J.K. Rowling's transgender controversy, which is significant enough to reveal how good the game looks and what a huge hype has generated since its official announcement. Hogwarts Legacy is an epic adventure that puts you in the shoe of one of the students attending Hogwarts in the 1800s. This alone would be enough to catch the eye of many fans of the Harry Potter series eager to discover more about the Wizarding World ahead of the story narrated in the books, but Hogwarts Legacy also features a brand new and immersive storyline focused on a dark conspiracy about ancient magic that has your character at the core.

The fans will surely recognize many elements from the books in the video. Despite being a cinematic trailer, the level of detail of the gameplay footage shown so far is not so far from it, which makes it all even more exciting as the quality of the graphics is superb. 

Lots of action and an immersive story await you in this epic adventure game. Remember that you can use our comparator to buy Hogwarts Legacy cheap on all platforms.

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