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Hogwarts Legacy is already hogging sales lead on all platforms

Hogwarts Legacy is already hogging sales lead on all platforms

Hogwarts Legacy is already a success. Regardless of what the reviews, which should only start coming out next week, say, the game already looks to be one of the biggest releases, not only this year but in recent times, in the gaming industry. Analysts predicted around 5 million units if everything went right, and although there are no exact numbers, the title is on the right track.

As Forbes reported, the title is leading sales on all platforms. On Steam, for example, it's ahead of Counter Strike's microtransactions and the recently released Dead Space. On the Epic Store, same thing, first place, beating Dead Space and Borderlands 3.



On PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch consoles, the source is Amazon. Hogwarts Legacy takes first and second place as the best sellers for Sony's video game. In its deluxe and standard editions, respectively. In Series X, it's a trifecta: two special versions and the standard one occupy the top 3. On the Switch, it's alternating between Hogwarts and the preorder of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Wizarding World is proving that its fans are ready for the game's release. However, Hogwarts Legacy stands on merit, as its gameplay features exciting characteristics and an unprecedented storyline predating the Harry Potter books. Moreover, our wizard protagonist will have robust customization, being able to choose which house they belong to, which classes to attend, and which side of morality they will lean towards, not necessarily be bound by the more harmless magic that we are so familiar with.

Preorders can play the game as soon as the clock strikes midnight next February 7, and the gates of the world's most famous magic and witchcraft school will open. For those who don't preorder, the launch will be on February 10. So if you want to explore the most famous magic school sooner than later, check out our comparator for the cheapest CD keys deals on Hogwarts Legacy.

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