Hogwarts Legacy lands on Nintendo Switch with impressive graphics

Hogwarts Legacy lands on Nintendo Switch with impressive graphics

Many players were surprised by the quality of the first few images of Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch when they were revealed last month. Despite Nintendo's hybrid console boasts a wide range of capabilities that make it quite different from other platforms, it's far less powerful when it comes to graphics. This usually leads to ports with significantly worse graphics in most cases, but it's not exactly the case for Hogwarts Legacy.

Developer Avalanche Software has worked hard to adapt the game to Nintendo Switch's modest hardware capabilities and the results are outstanding, even though the differences are noticeable when you compare the game with its versions on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. Textures, resolution, and framerate are lower on the Switch version, but the game still looks great on the portable console. If anything, the most notable difference is that the open world of the game is not seamless on Nintendo's platform and players will experience loading times when traversing it.



Finally available on Switch

Hogwarts Legacy delivers an experience that is as exciting as the one players can enjoy on other platforms. The game allows you to visit the Wizarding World and embark on an epic adventure as a very special student of the most famous Academy of Magic. While you attend your lessons, you will investigate a dark mystery, expand your powers as a mage, and immerse in a story where you do not necessarily have to be the hero.

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