Hogwarts Legacy gets a new Arachnophobia mode

Hogwarts Legacy gets a new Arachnophobia mode

Hogwarts Legacy is the most successful game of 2023 so far. Avalanche's take on Harry Potter's universe is an epic adventure that puts you in the shoes of a very special student of the Academy of Magic many years before the events in the books. In the game, you discover a fantasy universe that is familiar to the fans of the series while revealing lots of new details. The game allows you to experience the story however you choose, both in terms of gameplay and morals. Hogwarts Legacy is a total success and it has raked up quite a high number of sales across all platforms, but it's about to get even better.

I ain't afraid of no spiders

The release of Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a couple of days ago has opened the game to a wider range of players that are already immersed in the Wizarding World. Alongside the launch on the consoles of the previous generation, Avalanche has released a patch that adds a new gameplay mode to Hogwarts Legacy. The massive update adds plenty of bug fixes to improve performance, as well as Arachnophobia mode, which you can activate on the accessibility menu in the game. It modifies the game by changing all enemy spider appearances. removing their sounds, making static spider corpses invisible, and removing small spider ground effect spawners. It literally removes all traces of the eight-legged menaces but the pictures in the bestiary for your peace of soul. 



It's quite interesting how developers are taking care of details like that more often and expanding the accessibility options to take into account players' possible phobias. A similar case is the addition of a thalassophobia toggle in Horizon Forbidden West quite recently.

Whether you are afraid of bugs or not, Hogwarts Legacy is still a game you shouldn't miss if you are looking for a unique adventure in the Wizarding World. It will surprise you with its beautiful graphics, exciting gameplay mechanics, and vast world. Remember that you can use our comparator to check out the best deals on Hogwarts Legacy CD keys for any platform.

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