Hogwarts Legacy: an imperfect game that feels unique

Hogwarts Legacy: an imperfect game that feels unique

Hogwarts Legacy is the most successful game of 2023 so far. The adventure created by Avalanche Software was the most desired game on Steam weeks ahead of its release, and it had a great launch with a huge number of copies sold. Players from all over the world rushed to immerse themselves into this new reinterpretation of the Wizarding World as soon as it was possible. But the reasons for the success of Hogwarts Legacy lie far beyond the popularity of J.K. Rowling's books.

A unique story. Your story

Hogwarts Legacy is not perfect but it does an impressive job representing the Wizarding World and the legendary Magic Academy in great detail. The game uses impressive graphics and a series of gameplay systems that have been used in many other action adventures to deliver a proper experience. However, the beauty of its experience and what makes you keep returning for more is nothing of that. Hogwarts Legacy excels at turning the story of the game into your own personal story. It's not a game about any of the iconic characters of this fantasy universe that you have seen before. Instead, it lets you build your story as a magic student at Hogwarts to the point where you become a part of the world on your own merits. 



Hogwarts Legacy is all about freedom of choice. You can be a hero or you can be a villain. There are no predestined paths for you, and that's the key to making the game a unique experience.

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