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Forspoken receives a gorgeous cinematic trailer

Forspoken receives a gorgeous cinematic trailer

Forspoken, the next game from the partnership between Square Enix and Luminous Productions, responsible for developing Final Fantasy XV, has received a gorgeous new cinematic trailer. 

The video shows a smooth transition between New Yorker resident Frey running around the city and venturing into the magical world of Athia. It nicely portrays the settings of Forspoken, a kind of isekai, a Japanese genre that shows people from the real world being teleported to parallel worlds and acquiring supernatural powers.

Check out the trailer below and be amazed by the visuals and accompanying soundtrack:



Forspoken has been delayed several times, but it will finally release. The game's demo got a lackluster reception from players, but the developer's response was positive, promising to improve the game from the feedback. Despite the messy demo presentation and lonely open world, it's undeniable that Forspoken features eye-catching magic effects and a considerable variation in Frey's weaponry.

In addition, the demo showcased numerous activities from the world of Athia. In addition to parkour, combat, and exploration, Frey and his trusty companion, the Cuff, can tackle challenges, learn more about the world's past, cleanse baddies to unlock enhancement magics, craft new items in resting camps, and more.

The story of Forspoken begins when Frey, the new yorker, is suddenly teleported to the world of Athia and realizes she has mastery over magical powers. There, she seeks a way home when residents of this new world ask for her help in confronting powerful dictatorial matriarchs known as Tantas. With the help of her sentient bracelet, affectionately called the Cuff, Frey will navigate Athia while facing fierce creatures and the merciless Tantas.

Forspoken is scheduled for release on January 24, 2023. If the game's setting and gameplay interest you, check out our comparator for the cheapest CD keys on Forspoken and get ready for lots of magic parkour with contemporary bantering.

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