For Honor is getting cross-play

For Honor is getting cross-play

It's been five years already since For Honor started offering its exciting combat experience. Ubisoft's game has caught the attention of many players with its brutal gameplay and a world with warring factions that fight for supremacy in savage battles. Knights, Samurais, Vikings, and other fierce warriors have tested their mettle in uncountable battles since the game's release. Ubisoft has added plenty of new content to For Honor through several seasons, but there is one feature that players have been demanding from day one, which is still missing from the game: cross-play. 



The days of fighting against players that play on the same platform as you will soon be over. Ubisoft has announced that For Honor is finally getting cross-play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. 


Crossplay has been an ambition of our team for a very long time. There have been many technical challenges to bring Crossplay to For Honor because the core technical game components were not originally designed to support it. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we are now proud to bring Crossplay to our Warriors. We believe Crossplay will benefit For Honor and its long-term vision.


Cross-play in For Honor

The new feature will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1 will kick off on March 17, and it will unify all platforms' player pools into a single one. In-game voice communication will be disabled during cross-play, and the skill ratings will be reset. Also, it's possible to disable cross-play if you don't want to use the feature. Phase 2 will start a bit later, and it will allow you to group with cross-platform friends and players. The full implementation of cross-play in For Honor will still take a while, but the launch of Phase 1 will positively impact matchmaking by making it much faster due to the larger pool of players available.

If you want to learn more details about For Honor cross-play, you can visit the official FAQ on this matter at Ubisoft's website. To compare game deals and find your For Honor code on any platform, you just have to use our comparator.

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