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For Honor: Prince of Persia invites himself to the game with a temporary event

For Honor: Prince of Persia invites himself to the game with a temporary event

Released in February 2017, For Honor begins its fourth year and Ubisoft does not intend to let the game sink into oblivion. Indeed, since its release, the game has been upgraded through a system of seasons, four per year, with each of them bringing their share of content, including new heroes and new maps.

The program for this fourth year, The Year of Judgment, was presented by Ubisoft and began on February 6 with the first of four seasons, called Hope. In addition to all the content related to season 1, you can now enjoy a temporary crossover event with Prince of Persia.

The Blades of Persia event has been available since yesterday and will continue until April 2. It offers a lot of content related to the famous license, in particular a game mode, The Sovereign of Time, which is a variation of the Dominion mode on an alternative Harbor map. In addition to facing the opposing team, sand monsters and the Prince himself will also be present. He may appear on the map armed with his formidable Dagger of Time, and will not spare any of the teams. You can kill him to earn extra points. During the first week, you will be able to take part in this game mode, redecorated in the colors of Prince of Persia. From March 19, the game mode will change because the prince will become a Black Prince. However, Ubisoft has not provided any details about this yet.

In addition to this, the Blades of Persia event lets you complete a quest in arcade mode which will allow you to win many cosmetic items.

This is not the first time that For Honor has been included in a crossover event with another license from Ubisoft. In 2018 there was one with Assassin's Creed. In any case, this event will delight the fans of For Honor and Prince of Persia from now until April 2.

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