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More Information About For Honor’s NAT types

More Information About For Honor’s NAT types

If you've been playing For Honor recently then you definitely encountered NAT and NAT types. NAT types impact your connectivity, so players wanted to know how or if you can make your NAT type Open. Most of the time, NAT type doesn't even affect the quality and the stability of the connection of other players much, but it affects the quality and speed of matchmaking greatly, which means that depending on your NAT type, you can find matches either very quickly or once every 30 minutes or even longer.

For those of you that have Strict or Moderate NAT types you should go and check these sites for the following platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, to see how you can improve your matchmaking experience.



There are three different NAT types in For Honor: the Open, Moderate, and Strict ones, with only the Strict NAT types having restrictions when it comes to matchmaking. If you have Open and Moderate NAT types you will encounter no restrictions in matchmaking. Down below you can find a chart that explains perfectly how NAT type combinations work in For Honor's matchmaking.

You can improve your experience by moving to an Open NAT if you have a Strict or Moderate one. That's because the game's matchmaking system only matches players with an Open NAT type to those that have a Strict NAT type. There aren't any problems when it comes to creating groups based on NAT types, but that means that most of the time there will problems when matchmaking forms a group of 2 or more Strict NAT types, which will make the group invalid for play. Also keep in mind that when making groups with friends, the matchmaking will be based on the leader's geo-localization.

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