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Everything You Need To Know About For Honor’s Launch

Everything You Need To Know About For Honor’s Launch

For Honor, Ubisoft's Knight/Viking/Samurai carnage simulator, is launching soon, so you better prepare your swords, it will soon be time to engage in thrilling melee combat. Also, if you haven't already heard, there's an open beta going on right now that lasts until February 12th, so that is another way of playing and testing the game if you haven't already, and you should definitely play it.

Doesn't matter if you have PS4, Xbox, or the PC, the beta is available on all of them. If you're already playing, then you know that you pledge your sword for one of the game's three factions, Knights, Vikings, or the Samurai. When you choose one of these three factions, you then have nine out of twelve starting Heroes to pick and decimate your foes in four out of five multiplayer modes that are currently playable. The open beta is a great way for the players to see how For Honor works and what the game has to offer. Get in while you still can to see if this is the game for you.

The servers will be taken down once the open beta ends so that Ubisoft can prepare for the game's worldwide launch that's coming on February 14. Take the opportunity and test the game before the open beta concludes!



For Honor is going to become available to everyone once it launches, both to players and reviewers. This obviously means that day-one reviews are going to be delayed, but Ubisoft wants the players and reviewers to experience the game once it becomes populated a bit.

For those of you that pre-ordered For Honor via PSN, Xbox Live, or the Uplay store, here's some information about the pre-load times.

The PlayStation Network will allow you to play the game on February 12 at midnight local time. Xbox Live offers you immediate access. Uplay PC lets you play on February 10 at 9AM PST. Finally, Steam lets you start on February 10 at 9AM PST.

Read more about this on Ubisoft's blog, and if you haven't already, you can pre-order the game here!

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