For Honor is free on PC for a limited time

For Honor is free on PC for a limited time

Ubisoft seems to be quite adamant on its intention of making For Honor available to everyone. The third-person view medieval action game has recently been up for grabs completely free on Epic Games Store and now they have announced that the PC version will be also free on Uplay for a while. If you missed the opportunity to get it then or if you are just upset with Epic Games because you wanted to play a game on Steam and it has turned out to be exclusive in their store, you can now get to Ubisoft's store and claim the standard edition of For Honor for free until August 27.

For Honor is an action game that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting where the warriors of several factions representing Vikings, Samurais, and Knights, fight for the supremacy. Each faction has a few unique classes available to them with their own weapons, skills, and fighting styles. Players will take part in single-player missions through the campaign or join the multiplayer mode to fight against other players in melee combat in seven different game modes.

If you like For Honor you should know that there is plenty of extra available content for the game. You can buy the Marching Fire expansion, which includes the Wu Lin, a fourth faction that represents Chinese warriors, as well as many new hero classes, gameplay modes, and maps.

One of the latest additions to For Honor, for example, is the Jörmungandr Hulda a new Viking hero class that has been recently introduced in For Honor. Wielding a war hammer, this fierce warrior aims to crush all the weaklings before the Ragnarok comes so only the bravest of all will get to take part in the Final Battle.

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