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The new season of For Honor starts on June 11

The new season of For Honor starts on June 11

Tyranny is the name that Ubisoft has chosen for the next season of For Honor. This brutal action game that lets you play as a warrior belonging to one of three different warring factions in a medieval setting is starting next month its Year 4 Season 2. The announcement of the new season has been accompanied by a video that lets us know about the story on this new season and that you can watch below.



During the upcoming season a new group will appear to disrupt the already unstable balance between the four factions already present in the game, namely the Iron Legion, the Warborn, the Dawn Empire, and the Wu Lin. This new threat is not exactly a new faction but a group of mysterious warriors that has secretly recruited members from each of the factions in For Honor to create a formidable force that is quite more flexible and dangerous than other armies due to the combination of the different skill sets and classes.

Of course, For Honor Year 4, Season 2: Tyranny will also bring some novelties on the gameplay side, and players will see the return of the Metal Trials, in which they will be able to face several bosses in groups of four players. Also, this new season will also bring the rework of the Centurion class and some other surprises that are yet to be unveiled. You can watch the full reveal of For Honor Year 4, Season 2: Tyranny in the next video.



The final addition that Year 4, Season 2 will bring to the game is a new hero. Although it has not been revealed yet, we will know more about it after the season start, more exactly on August 6.

If you want to experience brutal and intense melee battles against fearsome enemies in PvE and PvP, For Honor is one of your best options right now, and you can find it at the best price with our comparator.


  • Official website : FOR HONOR Marching Fire
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Ubisoft
  • Developer : Ubisoft Montreal
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : October 16, 2018
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