Final Fantasy XVI sells 3 million copies in under a week

Final Fantasy XVI sells 3 million copies in under a week

The huge popularity of the series foretold a success for Final Fantasy XVI on its release, but the numbers are better than expected, so much that Square Enix is boasting them on social media already. Final Fantasy XVI has surpassed the 3 million copies sold on PlayStation 5, including physical and digital sales, which is something to be proud of. Not only do those numbers demonstrate that there is a sizeable community supporting the game, but also that the fans are open to important gameplay changes as long as they make the experience better.

Being different is a plus

Instead of being stagnant on classic gameplay mechanics that probably feel obsolete for some players, Square Enix has decided to take a step forward and innovate with a new style. Final Fantasy XVI does not feature a party system and introduces a system that is closer to what you usually see in pure action games, with exciting real-time combat mechanics. The game features more mature themes and is not set in an open world that you can explore as you see fit. Those changes alone should have been enough to raise some eyebrows among the fans, but the result turns out to be so good that the game is selling like candy.

Of course, Final Fantasy XVI is not the best-selling game in the series, but it is exclusive to PlayStation 5, and its results are quite good for a game launching on a single platform. In any case, it still has a long way ahead, and it will be interesting to see what direction will Square Enix take with the series in the future after the success of the game.



Even though Final Fantasy XVI may be surprising to you if you are a long-time follower of the series, it delivers an incredible gameplay experience that can be considered the natural evolution of the franchise. Remember that you can get a cheap Final Fantasy XVI PS5 key with our comparator.

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