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Final Fantasy VII will celebrate its anniversary with an announcement next month

Final Fantasy VII will celebrate its anniversary with an announcement next month

Final Fantasy VII is one of the PS1 era's greatest classics, and it turns 25 years old this June 2022. To celebrate the occasion, the remake's director, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed that Square Enix would have news to share about the title next month.

Nomura said this during the broadcast of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, a battle royale for smartphones. It's expected that the publisher will reveal more information about the progress of the second part of the remake because they intended to share news about the sequel on the classic's 25th anniversary. This information comes hand in hand with Square Enix's previous statement that new announcements of the franchise would arrive to celebrate the 35th anniversary.



Final Fantasy Remake Part 2 Incoming?

It's important to temper our expectations, though. Many are looking forward to a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Nevertheless, don't forget that the game spans multiple media formats, and anything could happen. Analysts estimate that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, another mobile game from Cloud's universe, should be launched by September. So far, we only got one trailer about this title. 

There isn't much to know about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Last year, Naoki Hamaguchi, one of the directors from Part 1, confirmed its production and stated that he had taken over as director again, while Tetsuya Nomura would be in charge of creative direction. According to Nomura, Part 2 will utilize the unique features of the PlayStation 5 hardware to deliver a unique and robust experience.

On the bright side, Square Enix seems determined to excite fans and raise the excitement through the roof. With Final Fantasy XVI warming up for a trailer later this spring, promises of more information on Final Fantasy VII and the franchise's 35th anniversary also in 2022, the company is doubling down on its flagship franchise. 

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