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Elden Ring reveals its strangest class yet

Elden Ring reveals its strangest class yet

Much has been made about Elden Ring’s various classes: the armor-clad Vagabond, the magically adept Prophet, and the greatsword-wielding Bloody Wolf. Recently, FromSoftware has introduced the weirdest-looking class so far: the Prisoner.



We already know about the Warrior, a dexterity-based fighter who has a hard learning curve but makes for a great archer. The new Prisoner, however, comes as a bit of a surprise. Looking every bit like the Man in the Iron Mask, the Prisoner sports a metal headpiece with two holes, one for the mouth and the other for one eye. It might also reference the character Griffith from the Berserk anime and manga series. Apart from not having armor, the headpiece could completely hinder your depth perception and peripheral vision, possibly making the Prisoner a difficult class to play (but likely not as hard as the Wretch). On the other hand, maybe it could deliver a hell of a headbutt to an enemy as a last resort. 

The other thing the Prisoner is known for is their ability to use glintstone sorcery, making this another magic-using class. Glintstone is an offensive type of magic that allows players to shoot magic missiles, create weapons, and even perform feats like creating a meteor strike.

The Prisoner brings the number of introduced character classes to five. Still to come are the Bandit, the Astrologer, the Wretch, the Confessor, and the Samurai. 

Elden Ring has won numerous awards as the most anticipated game of 2022. It seems impossible to live up to such hype, but with every reveal and playthrough, Elden Ring seems to acquit itself each time.



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