Elden Ring reveals new Hero and Vagabond classes

Elden Ring reveals new Hero and Vagabond classes

Elden Ring continues to grab our collective attention as we close in on the February launch date. This time, FromSoftware announced two additional classes to add to the roster. Apart from the Enchanted Knight, Bloody Wolf, Champion, the Warrior, and Prophet, we now have the Vagabond and the Hero.


The Vagabond is another armored character much like the crusading Enchanted Knight, but is an exile from their homeland. The Vagabond seems to favor the two-handed sword. The Hero is more of a barbarian-type of character, a chieftain’s descendant who wears little armor and wields a battleaxe to great effect. 

From what we’ve seen, Elden Ring tends to favor melee types of fighters, with only the Prophet as the pure magical class. How the Vagabond and Hero classes differ from the other ones will be clearer when the game launches in February.

As usual, the character classes only determine the starting equipment and stats. The player is then free to grow their character in any direction according to their favored playstyle. 

That said, those who prefer a real challenge may select the worst starting class of all in Elden Ring: the Wretch. Referred to by Miyazaki as “the naked one,” the Wretch starts with bad stats and pretty much no equipment, much like Bloodborne’s Waste of Skin class and Dark Souls’ Deprived class. Considering the difficulty of Elden Ring, the Wretch is not for beginners nor the faint of heart. 

Check out the Elden Ring gameplay trailer here:


Elden Ring has now gone gold and, barring any changes, will release on time come February 25 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can get an Elden Ring code for the best offers from our comparator.

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