Get a glimpse of Elden Ring’s character creation system

Get a glimpse of Elden Ring’s character creation system

Update: Unfortunately, the video has been already deleted due to a copyright claim.

A video demo of Elden Ring's character creation has leaked onto the internet, and like nearly everything about Elden Ring, it didn't fail to impress despite being incomplete.

FromSoftware is well-known for games with a robust character creation process. Previous games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls allowed players to design how their characters looked, from their hair to their facial features and their physical build. 

Elden Ring takes the process up a notch, with visually enhanced character details and a few more welcome options to choose from. As writer George R.R. Martin said, Elden Ring looks "incredible."



Build a hero

The footage emerged from a recent closed network test, which explains why several menu items remain blank. If you prefer, you can also skip most of the character generation by selecting a preset character.

First off, players can choose generic options like the character's gender. You may also choose their starting class (Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion, Bloody Wolf), which also determines your starting armor and weapon. You can read more about Elden Ring classes in our guide to everything about the game.

Next, you can adjust your character's age and body type, just like in Bloodborne. You can then select your character's face, hair type, and hair color. You have a wide array of scars, beauty marks, and other facial features to choose from. 

From there, you can decide on body options, including one's skin tone and proportions. The sizes of limbs and torsos can be individually adjusted with sliders. You can also change the colors of different body parts and make your character as weird and zany as you like.



More to Come

There are still several unavailable options on the menu, but that's to be expected. We can't wait to try out the whole thing when Elden Ring launches on February 25, 2020. If you haven't done so yet, pick up your Elden Ring copy at the best prices from our comparator. 

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