Elden Ring latest trailer unveils the story

Elden Ring latest trailer unveils the story

FromSoftware is advancing steadily towards the launch of Elden Ring, and the expectation for the game keeps growing on a daily basis. The latest tile that paves the path leading to the release of the game is the publication of a trailer focused on the story, which was revealed yesterday for the joy of the fans. Even though it does not show gameplay footage of Elden Ring, it gives us some insight into the events that have led to the current state of the world after the Elden Ring was broken. At the same time, it leaves us with even more questions about the events in the game, creating an exciting atmosphere of anticipation and increasing our desire to play the game even more.



As you can see in the video, Elden Ring features a thrilling story that will put you in a world ravaged by the woes of a cruel war. As we know from the gameplay shown to date, the game will be quite similar to Dark souls in many aspects, and it will feature challenging combats against gigantic enemies and more. But Elden Ring seems to also have a deeper RPG component, with more exploration mechanics and a world that you are freer to explore as you wish. Overall, George R. R. Martin's contribution to the creation of the story seems to have made it more solid if you compare it to Dark Souls, whose storyline always seemed to be a bit too vague, but it's not possible to gauge its real depth until Elden Ring becomes available.

After the initial delay of the original release date, Elden Ring is now slated for February 25, 2022. If there is not an unpleasant surprise until then, you will be able to immerse yourself into the unique universe of the game in just a couple of months. Meanwhile, all you can do is hope for Bandai Namco to reveal more information about the game and check out the best price to buy Elden Ring PS5 cheap on our comparator.

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