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Elden Ring has a new release date

Elden Ring has a new release date

We were expecting to be able to play Elden Ring next January, but it seems that it won't happen. Bandai Namco has confirmed that the upcoming title from the creators of Dark Souls won't arrive until February 25, 2022. Even though one month is not much, it still may come as a disappointment for many since very little has been revealed about the game so far. Developer FromSoftware has been quite secretive about the contents of the game. Still, the collaboration of Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin in creating the game has been an incentive big enough to draw the attention of a huge number of players since the game was announced. 



But there is more news about Elden Ring, and it's good enough to make players forget that minor disappointment. FromSoftware has announced that there will be a closed network test of the game in November. Therefore, some lucky players will have the opportunity of testing Elden Ring ahead of its release. This network test will take place in five different phases, and you can already register to take part in it. So far, it's only possible to register for the test on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5, but nothing seems to indicate that there will be a test session on PC. You can try your luck and register on the dedicated website to test Elden Ring, only unil the end of this month..



When will Elden Ring network test take place?

This is when you will be able to take part in the test if you are one of the lucky ones chosen:


・Session 1: 3am-6am PT, 6am-9am ET, 11am-2pm UK, November 12, 2021

・Session 2: (November 12) 7pm-10pm PT, (November 12) 10pm-1am ET, 3am-6am UK, November 13 2021

・Session 3: 11am-2pm PT, 2pm-5pm ET, 7pm-10pm UK, November 13, 2021

・Session 4: 3am-6am PT, 6am-9am ET, 11am-2pm UK, November 14 2021

・Session 5: (November 14) 7pm-10pm PT, (November 14) 10pm-1am ET, 3am-6am UK, November 15 2021


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