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Elden Ring is the target of new rumors

Elden Ring is the target of new rumors

It will soon be two years since Elden Ring was revealed for the very first time, on the occasion of E3 2019. The official announcement of the game was preceded by rumors, and it was discovered that George RR Martin was working on a game in collaboration with a Japanese studio beforehand. He himself confirmed that this rumor was a reality in a post published on his blog on the occasion of the broadcast of the last episode of Game of Thrones. As a result, Elden Ring became one of the most anticipated games almost instantly.

Although the development of Elden Ring, led by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the Souls series, started as early as 2017, we haven't really heard anything about the game other than its initial announcement in 2019. And when a game creates so many expectations it's normal to see quite a few rumors of all kinds appearing. A few days ago a new one just entered the rumor mill.



This Elden Ring rumor did not come about on its own as it is directly linked to another which says that an Xbox event is scheduled for this month, specifically for March 23, and it says that we should know more about the game on this occasion. But Microsoft has been quick to deny the part about Elden Ring, and it was Aaron Greenberg who was quite clear about this matter in a Tweet.



The only problem is that a few hours earlier Jason Schreier, who is renowned for the reliability of his information, confirmed that the rumors were true and that he had "hard evidence" that the game would be shown in the relatively close future, but failing to specify if it would be in "a few weeks or a few months"

But that’s not the end of it. An Elden Ring gameplay video has leaked onto the internet, and it is the famous piece of evidence Schreier was talking about. The information was confirmed by VGC who claims to have had access to this famous video. It looks real enough, but no one knows if it's genuine yet.

It looks like things are suddenly picking up speed when it comes to Elden Ring, but there is not any kind of official statement on this matter yet.

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