Elden Ring praised by George R.R. Martin

Elden Ring praised by George R.R. Martin

It’s a good sign when the writer of your video game praises your work, and it’s a great sign when that writer is George R.R. Martin. Having seen Elden Ring, he writes in his blog that he is impressed.



It’s been about three years since Martin stated he was writing lore for a FromSoftware game, and now, Elden Ring is almost out. As the author tells it:

“Videogames are as big as movies these days (bigger, actually)… and take just as long to create.

But the day of ELDEN RING is finally at hand.

And I’ve got to say, it looks incredible.”

Speaking of looking good, another interesting tidbit of information came out recently with the game’s ESRB rating release. Elden Ring is rated 17 and up due to its high level of gore and violence. Here’s some game footage by Voyagers Revenge to show just how much there is:


We have collated everything we know about Elden Ring here. The game launches on February 25, so get your Elden Ring PC key now.

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