Take a look at Elden Ring's mounted combat

Take a look at Elden Ring's mounted combat

Some new updates have emerged on Elden Ring’s gameplay regarding equipable items and horseback riding. This hotly anticipated RPG with plenty of players asking questions, some of which director Hidetaka Miyazaki was happy to answer. 



Riding high

One of the most anticipated gameplay elements is your mount, Torrent. A horned spectral steed that you can summon at any time, Torrent will prove essential to your travels and exploration wherever you can summon him. Unlike Sekiro or the Dark Souls series, Elden Ring is a semi-open-world game that relies on exploration. Torrent’s boost allows you to leap incredible heights, which is handy for reaching out of the way places in the Lands Between. 

But another important aspect of having a mount is riding Torrent in combat. This is FromSoftware’s first foray into mounted combat, and from the beta test, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Having Torrent means you can quickly rush down slower opponents and get out of the way before they can attack you. Even against mounted foes, Torrent can help even the odds with his maneuverability. And with wide-area attacks such as dragon fire, Torrent may be a lifesaver.

That said, there are drawbacks. For one, you can’t block when you’re on horseback. Your commands are limited to jumping and attacking to the left or right of your mount. For another, your mount takes damage same as you do, and healing him will require craftable Rowa Raisins. Finally, there are places where you can’t summon Torrent at all, so you have to deal with the problem on foot.

For this reason, Miyazaki has stated that players won’t be forced to do mounted combat and that summoning Torrent is just one of the many strategies available to you during an encounter. 

Have a look at some fights on horseback in this gameplay preview by gamer4ever:



Elden Ring is almost here

Don’t forget—Elden Ring comes out on February 25, 2022. Are you ready to ride across the wide-open country of the Lands Between? Buy PC CD keys for Elden Ring today at the best possible prices.


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