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Elden Ring director: “more players will finish the game”

Elden Ring director: “more players will finish the game”

As we close in on the release date for Elden Ring, it’s worth noting some thoughts from its creators. According to director Hidetaka Miyazaki, he believes that more players will finish the game compared to the Dark Souls series. FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne are notoriously difficult games that require lots of skill and practice.



Same Difficulty, Different Approach

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Miyazaki stated that there was an ongoing discussion as to the progression of the game’s difficulty. He clarified that Elden Ring combat isn’t necessarily easier than that of their previous games.

“I feel that our approach to these games, not just Elden Ring, is to design them to encourage the players to overcome adversity. We don’t try to force difficulty or make things hard for the sake of it. We want players to use their cunning, study the game, memorize what’s happening, and learn from their mistakes. We don’t want players to feel like the game is unfairly punishing, but rather that there’s a chance to win a difficult encounter and make progress.”

With the design ofElden Ring being more open world than previous FromSoftware games, progress can come in varying ways now that the player has more options. Attacking from stealth is now an option, as is running around an enemy while on horseback. A player may even avoid certain monsters by going around them to pursue other goals, then come back later after having leveled up or gained better gear. 



Elden Ring is coming

For more about the game, you can check out our guide to everything you need to know about Elden Ring. With the game having gone gold, Elden Ring will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on February 25, 2022. Pick up an Elden Ring PC or XBOX code from our comparator today.

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