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Elden Ring reveals Confessor and Samurai classes

Elden Ring reveals Confessor and Samurai classes

A few days back, we saw a slew of content from Elden Ring featuring the Warrior, the Prisoner, the Vagabond, the Hero, the Bandit, and the Astrologer. With only a week separating us from the game’s launch, we get a formal introduction to two more classes: the Confessor and the Samurai.


The Confessor is an agent of the Church, something like a holy ninja with a balanced skill when it comes to melee and magic. It seems clear that the Confessor is for players looking to use a class with equal dependency on Strength or Dexterity and Faith. The class is also reminiscent of Brador, the Church Assassin of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne

Meanwhile, the Samurai closely follows the traditional medieval Japanese Warrior, skilled with both blade and bow and wearing lamellar armor, which is lighter than plate mail. The class is built for Dexterity-based weapons such as katanas, daggers, and longbows.

This rounds off the classes for Elden Ring, except for the Wretch, which director Miyazaki has described as “the naked one” and advised newcomers to Souls-type games not to play.

A lot has been said about the difficulty level of Elden Ring, but Miyazaki said that more players would be able to complete the game due to the wide number of options players have when it comes to encounters. Elden Ring’s open-field approach means that players can avoid certain fights through stealth or speed, then return to them when ready. Such descriptions have left players chomping at the bit to play the game, which has already gone gold and is ready for release without any delays.


Elden Ring launches on February 25 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Get your Elden Ring PC steam key cheap from our comparator.

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