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Company of Heroes 3 will launch on consoles next month

Company of Heroes 3 will launch on consoles next month

Company of Heroes 3 didn't manage to convince all the fans of the long-lived RTS series at launch. Some players thought that it was a bit of an unfinished game that needed more work, some didn't like the new dynamics of the two campaigns set in the Mediterranean theatre of war during World War II, and so on. Fortunately, the time has proven the sequel to Company of Heroes 2 to be a great game with a lot of room for improvement. 

The recent release of Operation Sapphire Jackal in a free update brought the Challenges system, which rewards players with currency to buy cosmetic items for completing daily and weekly objectives, but it also added quite a few fixes and enhancements to the game. The introduction of a paid currency is not much of an issue in Company of Heroes 3 as it just allows you to unlock cosmetic rewards from the shop which does not give you any advantage in multiplayer games. 

Therefore, Company of Heroes 3 is now in a much better state than it was at launch, and it's better prepared for its upcoming release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Relic Entertainment has put a lot of effort into adapting the game system to consoles, and players will find specific features that will let them take part in exciting strategic battles in real-time without any problems. 



Company of Heroes series finally arrives to consoles

We already knew that Company of Heroes 3 would launch a bit later on consoles than on PC, but Relic has now confirmed the release date for the game on PlayStation and Xbox. The game will launch for the latest generation consoles on May 30, 2023, and you can find the best deals to buy Company of Heroes 3 cheap with our comparator already. 

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