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Company of Heroes 3 delivers an epic experience

Company of Heroes 3 delivers an epic experience

A few days ahead of the release of Company of Heroes 3, reviews about the game keep popping up here and there on the internet. We already anticipated that the game is going to deliver a great experience, and most of the reviews confirm so. The game takes the best features from its predecessors and sets the standard for real-time strategy battles for other games in the genre. Featuring polished combat and management mechanics, Company of Heroes 3 offers an exciting experience that will have you on your toes while you try to decide the best tactical approach to any given scenario.



Single-player campaigns

The Italian campaign is more like a massive turn-based strategic mode where you fight to control a huge map. We have seen this kind of setup in previous Company of Heroes games. You will fight on fixed scenarios that come up when attacking certain locations or against the enemy on skirmishes if your troops happen to meet each other. In both cases, Company of Heroes 3 surpasses its predecessors in levels of fun. 

The North Africa campaign is slightly different. It features a series of eight story-driven scenarios that you have to complete in a specific order. In the campaign, you control Rommel's Afrika Korps on several historical battles that took place during the war, and while you are more restricted than in the other campaign by the story, the impressive design and quality of the maps, and the novelty of the African scenario will make it quite appealing to the fans of the series.

Overall, Company of Heroes 3 will bring back the best real-time strategy in the genre. The good thing about the game is that if you are not too fond of the campaigns, you can always jump into multiplayer mode and have fun with your friends. Remember that the release of Company of Heroes 3 is scheduled for next Thursday. As usual, you can buy Company of Heroes 3 cheap with our comparator anytime.

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