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Company of Heroes 3 campaign revealed

Company of Heroes 3 campaign revealed

The Company of Heroes franchise is returning to the digital storefronts with a new installment once more. We had the opportunity of trying Company of Heroes 3 during the pre-alpha beta event that took place recently and the game already offers quite a nice gameplay experience. Despite being in the very early stage of developement, the type of strategic gameplay that made Company of Heroes 2 one of the biggest games in the genre is easily recognizable as the basis for the new game. But Company of Heroes 3 will add new features and a thrilling single-player campaign. You can now take a peek at the type of gameplay the campaign will offer in a development diary video.

In the video, the members of the development team explain that your performance during any given mission in the campaign will have an effect on future missions and that you will have to adapt to different conditions in every battle if you want to succeed in taking back control of Italy. Both naval and air forces will have a more significant role in Company of Heroes 3 during the campaign, and their proper management will offer you additional supplies and new tactical options like the airstrikes. The introduction of the Partisans also offers you the possibility of throwing sabotage operations behind enemy lines, whose disruptive potential will prove to be quite useful to accomplish your objectives.



Company of Heroes 3 will launch on PC in 2022, but no release date has been confirmed yet. Relic Entertainment is being quite open regarding the current state of the game, so we won't be short of information about the upcoming RTS game. Feel free to visit our comparator if you want to buy your Company of Heroes 2 CD key cheap if you want to experience what the series has to offer.

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