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Company of Heroes 3 will be bigger and better

Company of Heroes 3 will be bigger and better

The recent announcement of Company of Heroes 3 has left all the fans of the strategy genre in awe. The series already had quite many followers, and Company of Heroes 2 has been the favorite game of many players for a long while, but the new game aims to make it obsolete with a new gameplay experience that features better graphics, more units, new scenarios and everything needed to make you forget about the previous installment and take the game to the top of the charts. Among the features highlighted in the Company of Heroes 3 announcement, you can find a new Dynamic Campaign Map that will offer you an unprecedented level of strategic options. Also, you will now be able to pause the game and issue orders during single-player battles, gaining a lot of precision in your commands in the process.



Of course, this is just the beginning, asCompany of Heroes 3 is still under development, but you can give the game a try by yourself already because there is an alpha trial available right now that you can play on PC via Steam. This preview gives you a first glimpse of the single-player campaign letting you take on several missions in the Mediterranean area, more specifically in Italy. The campaign will be focused on the Allies but Germans will also be a possible choice in multiplayer. Since the game is still a work in progress you have to remember that what you will experience during the trial is nowhere close to the final version of the game, but it's a great opportunity for you to provide feedback for the developers. The pre-alpha preview of Company of Heroes 3 is open to all players until August 4, and Relic Entertainment has already confirmed that they plan to share information about multiplayer in the future.

On the graphics side, Company of Heroes 3 features many improvements when compared to previous installments, but a major feature is that pretty much everything is destructible now and the effects are much better designed, making the experience more realistic. 

Company of Heroes 3 will release in 2022 on PC, but we will have to wait a bit longer to know a specific launch date.


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